Stunning Floral Arrangements & Designs

Brighten up somebody’s day with floral arrangements and designs from Rose Gallery Florist of Houston, Texas. Whether it’s for a birthday or just because, we have the perfect arrangement for any event.
A Dozen Long-Stem Roses - Floral Arrangements
Roses & Hydrangeas - Floral Arrangements
Large Mixed Arrangement - Floral Arrangements
Dendro Orchids - Floral Arrangements

A Dozen Long-Stem Roses

Choose from 14 different colored roses that are mixed with greenery in a bubble bowl. This is always the best choice for anniversaries or birthdays, and prices range from $75 and up. Delivery is available, if necessary.

Roses & Hydrangeas

For $85 and under, you receive a delightful mix of pink roses and either blue or white hydrangeas in a large cube or bubble bowl. This arrangement is great for “get well soon” or just because.

Large Mixed Arrangement

This lovely arrangement costs between $85 and $100 and features a tall mix of seasonal flowers. A few tropical flowers help the arrangement to really stand out.

Dendro Orchids

A beautiful cream-colored Grecian vase is filled with white and purple dendrobium orchids. For $125, you’re able to give a gift that everyone may enjoy.

Seasonal Mix in Blue Vase - Floral Arrangements
Summertime Cube - Floral Arrangements
Lavender Rose Bubble Bowl - Floral Arrangements
Mixed Rose Bubble Bowl - Floral Arrangements

Seasonal Mix in Blue Vase

This pleasant mix of seasonal flowers brightens up any room. The flowers come in a delicate blue vase, and the price ranges between $40 and $60.

Summertime Cube

This arrangement is sure to make anyone happy. A mix of bright flowers is arranged in a clear cube, and costs between $65 and $75.

Lavender Rose Bubble Bowl

A unique mix of lavender roses and orchids will put a smile on any face. The arrangement only costs between $60 and $85.

Mixed Rose Bubble Bowl

Always a good choice, the color of roses really pop when they are mixed together in a bubble bowl. The prices range between $50 and up.

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